Mentoring Opportunities at Good Shepherd Gracenter

Good Shepherd Gracenter is a Licensed Recovery Residence providing housing for women leaving a drug/alcohol treatment program and who want to live in a supportive environment for recovery.  Every resident at Gracenter is either employed or involved in a job search and/or furthering their education.

Computer Mentor

In today’s world, computer skills are vital when seeking employment.  Gracenter has volunteer opportunities for both women and men to teach the residents of Gracenter basic computer skills, resume writing, how to fill out a job application, and basic data entry.  This is a great opportunity to become a valuable mentor to a person as she seeks to further her education and obtain employment.

Arts and Cultural Mentor

Many of our residents are unfamiliar with a world that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol.  We are looking for women to help introduce our residents to the broader world of Arts & Culture in order to promote positive socialization and community integration without the burden of addiction.  As part of Gracenter’s holistic approach to long-term recovery, participants are encouraged to attend arts and cultural events that provide recreational and educational experiences.   This is an opportunity to guide our residents in what will likely be a totally different world from what they know.  Many of our residents have never been to a baseball game, or an open-air concert at Stern Grove.  Even things like visiting Alcatraz, or attending a ballet performance could help expand their view of the world.

Steps to Become a Good Shepherd Gracenter Mentor

  • Learn about Gracenter’s Licensed Recovery Residence for Women through the Program Description and the website at www.gsgracenter.org or calling Gracenter at (415) 337-1938 to speak to the Executive Director or the Assistant Program Director.
  • If you would like the share you skills with the Gracenter residents as a potential Mentor, please request an application, complete it and submit it to:

Sr. Marguerite Bartling
Executive Director
Good Shepherd Gracenter
1310 Bacon St.
San Francisco, CA  94134

You may also email the application directly to Sr. Marguerite (hyperlink) or fax it to (415) 337-4668. The Mentorship Coordinator will contact the potential Mentor for an interview.

  • If you are accepted, you will be invited to share a meal with the women of Gracenter and give them the opportunity to meet you.  In addition to meeting the women at Gracenter, you will also have an orientation session with the staff, be provided with supporting materials, and a brief mentor training.  Support from the staff is also always available.
  • The Mentor and the Mentee can make a tentative plan for either the computer skills learning experience or the arts & cultural activities and check it with the Mentorship Coordinator.

Thank you for wanting to make a difference!


To find out more about the work of the Women’s Guild. Contact The Women’s Guild Membership Chair at 415-337-1938.


Call or email the Executive Director, Sr. Marguerite Bartling, RGS at (415) 337-1938.


We are particularly seeking potential Board members with significant experience in:
Fundraising and Marketing

To discuss joining the board, please call or email the Executive Director, Sr. Marguerite Bartling, RGS at (415) 337-1938 and she can connect you with the board and the process of joining the board.