City National Bank

Thank you for joining the City National Women’s Network in its support of Good Shepherd Gracenter, a licensed residential recovery program for disadvantaged women.

The two issues that we hear so much about in San Francisco are homelessness and addiction. Good Shepherd Gracenter has been addressing both of these issues with women who have no resources other than an intense determination to break free of drug and alcohol addiction and create a healthy and productive lifestyle which supports recovery and social responsibility.

At Gracenter, we provide an innovative and comprehensive program of a positive peer community, individual recovery mentoring and services to assist them with healthcare, education, employment, financial literacy, and making healthy choices.

  • A gift of $1,000 sponsors one woman for a month and includes housing, meals, one-to-one recovery mentoring, job and school application support and connections to community volunteerism. 
  • A gift of $500 provides job-readiness mentoring sessions for 13 women as they pursue their goals, including resume support and referrals to job training and internships. 
  • A gift of $100 provides 40 nutritious home-cooked meals that support each woman’s health
  • A gift of $50 provides basic toiletries for women arriving at Gracenter. 

We so appreciate your support of the brave women that we serve here at Gracenter.  We are in awe of them every day, knowing how difficult achieving lasting recovery is—and especially for these women who have such painful histories and so few resources.   As such, however, they are incredibly supportive of each other and, as a consequence, we have a 95% success rate!   The graduates also come back to encourage the residents and our staff are great cheerleaders as well since almost half are graduates of Gracenter themselves.

Please use your CNB e-mail address.  Under “comments” please mention the CNB campaign before submitting your donation. 

Thank you so much for supporting the brave women at Good Shepherd Gracenter.