Good Shepherd Gracenter

Client Testimonials

Raven - "Rclient testimonialsecovery is a wonderful blessing. My son has his mother, my parents have their daughter, and I have a new me…I have my life back…”

Nina – “ I’ve been with Gracenter for almost a year and am so grateful to them for everything. I now have a full time job and love all that God and recovery has given me.

Ronda – “With all the support I have received, I am now finally in a good place. I can once again be a productive member of society and return to work, doing what I love!”

Esmeralda – “In the past, I’ve wanted these programs to end quickly so I could continue on my path. Being in a place where I don’t have to be afraid to talk or express my feelings gave me the confidence I needed to live a more safe and meaningful life.”