Good Shepherd Gracenter

Historic Overview

The History of the Good Shepherd Gracenter is rich and deep. The history goes back two hundred years to France and the founding of the order in 1835. This religious history began at a time when European women in trouble had no rights or sources of help. The Order of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd was expressly founded to serve such women.  This Order grew to serve internationally and eventually moved to the U.S. and to San Francisco.

In 1932, a group of Sisters arrived in San Francisco to build a new school for girls involved with the justice system. The Sisters arrived with nothing and quickly raised all the necessary funds to build a convent and The University Mound School. During the next 78 years in San Francisco, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd brought together an extraordinary list of donors and philanthropists to its cause, and its mission to serve girls in trouble.  

The Sisters often needed to care for high school graduates who had nowhere to go when they were ready to . So in the late 40's, the Sisters and the donors gathered together all the local Unions, and along with the girls built some transitional housing for the young women who had no home to go to.  The Grace Cottage - as it was called then - named after Grace Finlay one of the major donors - was completed in 1961. It still runs today as Good Shepherd Gracenter, still helping young women in trouble and with nowhere else to go.