Good Shepherd Gracenter


For Our Clients

  1. Your prayers
  2. Office Furniture and Supplies (desk lamps, bookshelves, office chairs, copy paper, etc) 
  3. Bathroom Supplies (hand towels, bath towels, unopened soap and shampoo, toothbrushes, etc)
  4. Bedroom furniture and accessories (alarm clocks, bedside tables, bedside lamps, etc)
  5. Kitchen Equipment (towels, pot holders, utensils, serving spoons, platters, place mats for 12-14 persons, large tablecloths, etc)
  6. Gift Cards to:

Special Requests

  • Speakers/outside trainers for our women, especially on subjects such as, the 12 Steps, Sobriety, Being successful in the workforce, Working with Others, Writing a resume, etc.
  • Scholarships to provide stipends to speakers/outside trainers for our women

For the Gracenter Building

  • New/replacement appliances in our center to help reduce our utility costs
  • Solar heating and hot water to help cut our utility cost