Good Shepherd Gracenter

2016: A Taste Of Autumn Fundraiser

A Successful 2016 Fundraiser

2016 gala successThe 2016 fundraiser “A Taste of Autumn” celebrated 55th years of Gracenter. Our friends and supporters came together to honor remarkable individuals and stories of hope. With our deepest gratitude, we announce that we have raised over $30,000! The amount raised is enough to fund the living costs for all our women at Gracenter for over one month.

We had about 195 people, beautiful music from the Pro Musica string quartet, and our annual awards ceremony. As part of our program, we honored Elyse Graham, Deputy Executive Director of Five Keys Charter School, and Steve Loveseth, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Parterships, Inc. They were the recipients of our annual Amazing Grace awards for outstanding contributions in the area of public health and recovery.

2016 gala success 2

A special thank you to our speaker Tracy Creer, who is a Gracenter Graduate and Founder of Change to Come, a transitional house designed to help women with children in recovery. In her impassioned speech, Tracy described her journey to health and wellness, her challenges and victories, and her commitment to helping others.

This year’s fundraiser was an uplifting celebration of the theme: The House that Became a Home. In honor of our annual theme and anniversary, we created a cookbook project – a compilation of recipes from the heart. The book contains stories from the current Gracenter residents along with their favorite recipes. Sisters, staff, volunteers also contributed their recipes, time and cooking skills for this community cook book. The book, “Hands of Grace”, includes an introduction by Elizabeth Holland, a Good Shepherd Gracenter graduate and writer who was published in a recent anthology called “Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It”. At Gracenter, Elizabeth found a love of cooking, writing, and life.

Special thanks go out to all our sponsors, supporters, Board of Directors, staff, Sisters, and residents. We could not have done it without you. Thank you for believing in us and supporting our mission of helping women without resources overcome addiction!

Good Shepherd Gracenter gratefully acknowledges its sponsors:

Glorious Gold - $5,000
Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
Province of Mid-North America

Brilliant Bronze - $1,000
Bank of Guam 
Cornerstone Insurance Group 
Electrical Worker Local 6 
Plumbers Union Local 38 
Vitalia Fedossova, CPA 
The Swig Foundation

Graceful Green - $500
Diana and George Bacigalupi 
Emergent Legal, Inc. 
Greenberg, Inc. 
Marilyn Panelli 
Presidio Women’s Network 
Randy Reid Walden and Darlene Zane 
RC Wehmeyer Design + Build 
San Francisco Fire Fighers Local 798

Original Orange - $300
Barbara Fenech 
Carpenters Union Local 22 
Claire and Bill O’Sullivan 
Mary Anne McGuire-Hickey and John Hickey 
Finkelstein Bender & Fujii LLP

Good Shepherd Gracenter gratefully acknowledges the individuals and businesses that have contributed goods and services to the Taste of Autumn:

Alan & Pat Maffei 
Beach Blanket Babylon 
Beauty Counter 
Blue and Gold Fleet 
Cala (restaurant) 
California Academy of Sciences 
Canyon Market 
Cecilia Landholt 
City College Of San Francisco 
Culinary Arts & HospitalityStudents 
City College Of San Francisco 
Environmental Horticulture/ 
Floristry Students 
Color Print 
Costco South SF 
Cynthia Kelly 
Dandelion Chocolates 
Debbie Jackson 
Delancey Street Foundation 
Dr. Krystal Drwencka, D.C. 
Dr. Lony Denny 
Eliabeth Pastry Chef 
Epic Steakhouse 
Framed & Cornered 
Gabriel Iberra 
Garvey Golden 
George Lopez 
Gullia Maffei 
Hi DiveSF 
Hint Water 
Holiday Inn Fishermans Wharf 
In and Out Burger 
Janet Chapman 
Jessica Onken
John & Shirley Quitugua 
John Clark 
Kendra Wehmeyer 
Kerry Ching 
Key Westerberg 
Lazy Dog Restaurant
Leatrice Miyashiro 
Margaret Gerard 

Mazzett’s Bakery 
Megan Maffei 
Michele LeSieur (Beauty counter) 

Mineko Inouye 
Nacey Rodgers 
Myra Smith 
Nichole Cook 
Pat Maffei 
Patio Espanol 
Patty Schoenberg 
Paul and Lorraine Portola Auto Service 
Peg Gerard 
Pier 39 
Romy Scott 
Rosa Agnost 
Round Table 
Russie Sanders 
Ruth Sanders 
Sandra Munoz 
San Francisco Magic Theater 
School of Music and Fine Arts 
SF Opera 
SF Symphony 
Sheldon Spicer 
Sibby’s Cupcake 
SF Fire Department 
Sr. Marguerite Bartling 
Staci Fuller 
Sundance Cinema 
Surayana Wildfaen Spicer 
Tami Barradas 
The Market on Market 
The Portola Garden District 
Scholarship Committee 
Tommy Lau 
Tony Ching 
Traci Grellinger 
Trader Joes 
Vitalia Fedossova 
Walt Disney Family Museum 
Wincester Mystery House